Daphna’s Wedding Shawl

knitting wedding shawl

I promised photos and here they are! The beautiful bride (I feel like a proud momma) and the white shawl I knit for her wedding day. One of my favorite knitting projects ever, probably. The knitting was fun by itself (I love lace!) but gifting it for Daphna’s special occasion was the best part.

knitting wedding shawl

The pattern is the Swallowtail Lace Shawl (it’s free!), knit in fingering with 4mm needles.


little baby knits!

Working on homework has taken up all of my time recently. It’s been a long time since I did any crafting for fun.
But when a new baby was born to a friend, I felt overwhelming baby-knitting-fever. It’s really quite common a disease among knitters! how could it not? Baby knits are so small! So cute! I just had to. I freed up a bit of time to make these:


squee! The yarn is Berroco vintage, left over from my Phinney sweater and just the right baby blue shade. The hat is the berry baby hat, the booties are Eco Baby booties.

Quick peek at the knitting workshop

Our knitting instructor took us on a short trip to the school’s knitting workshop and it was so awesome I had to share.

Just look at those shelves!

The knitting machines are really interesting, I’ve never seen one up close – sheer magic. Unfortunately we won’t get to knit with them this year.

I feel like I’m studying at Hogwarts! I’m so amazed this is school, full of yarn yumminess and knitting and art. I can’t understand now how I spent three years of my life in a school which was all textbooks and bio labs. Clearly, this is where I belong.

(All photos were taken with my phone, please forgive the quality.)