Picture Heavy Weekend: Skirt Sewing and yummy food making!

A short time after she got back from her honeymoon, Daphna and I got together for a well-planned-ahead weekend of crafting and fooding. She’s recently received an awesome gift for her wedding – a shiny new sewing machine, and ever since I got her hooked on Pinterest we’ve both been drooling over glorious recipes we want to try. And so I drove up to her boyfriend husband’s and hers lovely apartment in Jerusalem for 3 packed days.

On the menu:

Four onions quiche (In Hebrew, sorry. Google Translate is your somewhat illiterate friend)

– Amazing Tabouli salad (Daphna’s family’s recipe. Gotta ask her for that one)

Giant chocolate chip cookie baked in a skillet for dessert

Lemon Ricotta pancakes with black currant sauce for saturday morning breakfast (We couldn’t find blueberries, so – black currants.)

We started Friday morning with fabric shopping downtown and brunch in this cafe:

Jerusalem brunch Tmol Shilshom

Then we went to the market to buy groceries for all the upcoming cooking. It’s crazy busy on Fridays but I got a few good shots (Not around any of the veggies or greens we bought because then we were busy trying to purchase, but of market noms that were everywhere):

Jerusalem market food

When we got home we rested a bit and then started preparing dinner.

Four onions quiche Bazek Alim

The quiche was awesome and the salad was just so so good. I cannot explain to you how good the salad was for me, who usually doesn’t like too much green stuff. It was just light and lemony and yum, and it offset the heaviness of everything else and made us feel less guilty about all the butter.

Tabouli Salad

We’ve been fantasizing about the giant chocolate chip cookie all week, and it was amazing. We “accidentally” used too much chocolate and it was melty and crazy and so good with ice cream. We broke down after about a third of it.

Chocolate chip chunks cookie

Skillet baked giant chocolate chip cookie

Skillet baked giant chocolate chip cookie

After all this we just had to crash on the sofa for a while, look at beautiful wedding photos (ahem) and watch my favorite brothers living Tuesday over and over:

Supernatural Winchesters

(isn’t Daphna’s apartment lovely? look! mini succulents!)

On Saturday morning we made this, and it was as yummy as it looks:

Ricotta lemon black currant pancakes

And then after all the food it was time to get to work!

Sewing machine

We made skirts! We used this tutorial from iCandy Handmade, which adapts MADE‘s tutorial for jersey fabric. Still, the fabric was sort of medium weight and we ended up with a larger opening than we wanted because of its weight, so we shaved off a few inches more from the waistband and gathered the skirt. I really like how it turned out!

Jersey circle skirts sewing

The new sewing machine was lovely and I’m sure Daphna’s going to make beautiful things with it. It was so different from mine – my grandma’s old Singer from the 70’s. The weekend got me itching to go back to sewing so I pulled it out and started working on a blouse using the awesome fabric I got in Jerusalem. It will be ready soon and I’ll be able to show it off here :)

So that was that, it was amazing and fun and a bit tiring. Many thanks to Daphna and Yuval for hosting and keeping me around for so long and putting up with the mess :D It was a great way to celebrate the end of summer break! and we’ll definitely have to do this again, there are many more outrageously fattening recipes on Pinterest.



2012 was awesome and some big stuff happened in it. Mainly getting accepted and starting Textile Design studies, plus moving to a new apartment. But also this:

2012 sum up collage

I managed to do quite a lot! I baked loads, mainly for my co-workers (I think I made at least 5 different kinds of cupcakes from Martha Stewart’s Cupcake book this year, which they bought me), I knit only a little bit, and I got into a general crafting spirit: I finally got the sewing machine out and learnt how to sew, and I dabbled in quilling, jewelry making, embroidery, various home DIY’s, drawing, painting and shoes-glitterifying.

It was all really really fun. Daring to try new things when I  had a random idea or saw something cool on the internet brought more and more ideas, and gave me courage and confidence in applying for school and thinking I can actually do it and fit in. These days I’ve got almost zero time to craft as a hobby, but new crafts and ideas arise from homework which is just as exciting.

Here’s hoping 2013 will be just as filled with creation joy, with hopefully a bit of time to do it just for fun.

Have a great 2013 and thank you for reading!


P.S – I’ve decided to do the 365 Project this year. I’ll be posting my daily photos on a separate blog – 365 Waves, do come over and check it out! If you’re doing the project this year or have done it in the past, I’d love to see your photos and hear your tips! I’m worried about forgetting or skipping days and will do better knowing it’s a group effort :)

The scallop waist skirt

I made this super sweet skirt from Vivat Veritas last week.

Aren’t the shoes just awesome?

It took me a while. Well, it took me two tries. The pattern is well written and clear but I think it’s meant for people for whom this isn’t the first skirt project ever. Who tend to just go for stuff and wing it. Ahem.

Anyway, the second try was much better than the first. Things I learnt:

-Size up

-Make it longer (it’s really short!)

-Actually pin and check things before I go ahead and sew them.

-Two layers of interface are better than one.

-Clipping!! gah how could I forget to clip all the curves the first time around?

I did the zipper three times. I looked at numerous invisible zipper tutorials and went very slowly. And still, I totally missed the fact I wasn’t supposed to sew the top of the zipper on both sides of the waistband. After staring at the photos for ages I finally realized I was supposed to unfold them before sewing the zipper. Doh. I had to cut the seams and sew the zipper again. Next time I’ll be better. Still, it’s very cute! I’ll definitely make it again.

I also made a t-shirt from scrap fabric:

Probably should have ironed it before taking photos…

It cost like.. a dollar. It’s a gorgeous color, and the fabric’s very soft . My first time sewing with knits, so I bet I broke a dozen of sewing-with-knits rules.  But it was a short fun exercise at a shirt and it’s lovely and simple. It’s loosely based on this Dolman top tutorial from Merricks Art, in that there is a slight curve from the sleeves to the bottom, not a straight triangle though. I ended up without enough fabric for the armbands and for a short while contemplated a contrasting color for them, but for now the sleeves stay open and sort of bell shaped and it’s fine.

All photo credits belong to my awesome friend Bat, who made the excruciating and embarrassing task of posing super fun!

Sewing: The recap

I’m very new to sewing. I had my grandma’s old Singer machine sitting on the floor for a year, then lent to a cousin, then back here without ever actually sitting down to try. And then one day I just sat with the instructions and the internet and set it up. I think the push was a sale price on a Craftsy course, that I watched as I studied about my machine. This french-seamed envelope pillow, with help of the course, is the first proper thing I sewed:

Isn’t it pretty? The lace was my own original addition!

I’ve been messing about with sewing for a while since, also buying lots of fabric and scraps. I’m still very much a noob. I know nothing about choosing fabric (luckily, I’m about to start studying Textiles..) and I cut a lot of corners, pun not intended. I know that in a few years I’m going to look back on things I made and go “what the hell was I thinking?”.

But in the meanwhile I’m getting a kick out of making my own clothes, which is I guess something I also do with knitting but this time it’s just so fast

The first clothing item I made, a few months back, was the coffee date dress.

That’s just me all over, looking for a first time pattern to make and going for the 10-piece constructed dress. I didn’t get the ruffle right at all, but I’m very proud of it. I wear it to work from time to time. One of the best thing about making your own clothes is that you can make them fit best to your measurements, and in this dress the torso and the skirt are actually two different sizes, so it sits perfectly.

The next presentable thing I made was this bag.

I love it! both the fabrics are beautiful and fit together nicely and I learned how to do lining, make a pocket and add magnetic snaps. I relied heavily on this tutorial from Ric-Rac and the construction of it blew my mind (you leave an opening! you sew! you flip!), and on Craftapple’s tip for installing magnetic snaps.

And now we get to the present time. Right now I have a pile of fabric I got on a wonderful trip to the fabric shops in Nachlat Binyamin in Tel Aviv. I already made a light knit fabric shirt (pics soon), and a failed attempt at a top since it was my first time working with silky fabrics and those buggers are slippery. Today I’m making a skirt. If it turns out well, I’ll probably show it to you in the next post.