I have a portfolio!

So I’ve been neglecting this blog, sadly, having no time to stop and document things I’ve been doing. But this weekend with the help of my photographer friend I took photos of my recent projects and uploaded them all to a brand new shiny portfolio online, which I can now share here!

It’s over at http://nogasapir.portfoliobox.me/

Do let me know what you think!

It’s got some knitting stuff, some screen printing, and a few other things.

P.S: The service I’m using, portfoliobox, is AWESOME and highly recommended. I made this really nice and aesthetic site in no time, with ease, for free, and they are nice enough to let you use all the Premium Pro-user-only templates for free for a month! If you’re thinking about uploading any type of creative effort online you should definitely check them out. AND if you set up your account through this invitation from me, you and I will both get 10 more images to our upload limit ;)



Holy crap guys, I haven’t posted anything this entire semester! Second year is busy!

I’m going to recap it once the semester ends and I get a bit of time. I have stuff to share! Mostly machine knitting swatches and stuff from the beautiful paper folding class we have, which I’m completely in love with. I promise to come back and share everything. If you feel like it you can catch up with me on the 365 blog, which I still upload photos to daily (well, almost daily..), it’s mostly homework and school photos I end up taking at 23:59 at home these days.

Also, the Etsy shop is doing well!

I’ve had quite a few sales already in the past few months since I opened. I love it, it makes me happy to share geeky love. I just hope I don’t get too swamped with schoolwork to be able to maintain it, I might have to take a break for a few weeks soon. And I plan to restock during break and possibly add some designs. If you have any geeky quote ideas to embroider gimme a shout :)

A taste of my final project for knitting class

I’ve been away for a long time, again. Things are getting really busy with final presentations starting next week. I posted this image today for my 365 blog (which is going really well, I love documenting these little day-to-day moments) and figured this was an excuse for a quick blog post.

The final assignment is extremely up for interpretation. We’re requested to make a receptacle within a receptacle out of non-conventional materials (eugh, I’m so tired of this word. Gimme fabrics and yarn! I’m all about the yarn!).

I came upon the idea of using film negatives completely by mistake one day. I was looking for “non conventional” stuff to knit with around the house and I found a pile of old negatives while looking for something else. The thought process went ‘hey.. this has holes in it.. I can knit around it!’.

While we’re not required to have any deep conceptual meaning behind our assignment apart from having an inspiration picture for the color palette choices, I love how much meaning the material inherently holds. I chose cassette tape to knit with for the same reason. Both contain memories, visual and auditory, both are out of use and have been replaced with newer technology, basically old information we can’t use anymore cast aside. I just knew that whatever shape I end up making it will make you think when you see it, which is really important to me and sort of missing from our current assignments. I also love the play with light, how you can look through it and see the original photos. I took the photo of the object on its side, so you can’t see that it has film all around it in various lengths and orientation, but it was placed like this so  it can be photographed with the light behind it illuminating the film.

I mentioned the choice of materials and the color palette needed to be derived from an inspiration picture.  It was obvious to me it had to be a photograph and not a painting, to match the photograph concept, and I wanted it to be in relation to my grandma, who taught me to knit. I asked my grandparents for any old photographs they might have with that ‘vintage-y’ sepia color, and they gave me this wonderful photo of my great grandmother and two friends:


Isn’t it just gorgeous?

So that’s it, not so short a post as I thought, turned out I had a lot to say about this :) I will probably post about all my final presentations of the semester, so expect more about this next week.


Short break

Please forgive this short absence from the blog. I mentioned the move, which means all my stuff is packed and stored or in the process and I haven’t had a minute to sit down and craft. I promise to be back shortly with DIYs and crafts from my new place. Also – baking in the new kitchen!

In the meanwhile, I recently stumbled upon this:

Scanned candy bars blog! How pretty is that? I could spend hours browsing the archives of this thing. There are candy bars from all over the world (including Israel!). Go take a look, but prepare to feel intense chocolate craving.

Fun with Bokeh

Easiest DIY for a sweet photo effect.

Our back porch is filled with pretty light chains right now, since it’s all decked out for Sukkot, so it seemed like a great opportunity to try this.

All you’ll need is a large aperture lens (Mine is the ever popular Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II), black cardstock, tape (preferably black electrical tape but I ran out and used clear tape instead), a pair of scissors, a pencil and a paper-punch or an x-acto knife to cut out the shape.

Draw the outline of your lens on cardstock with a pencil, using the largest circumference of the lens as guide. Punch out the shape you want with a punch in the middle of the circle, or cut the shape out with an x-acto. I had a butterfly punch and I cut out the heart shape by hand and both did fine. The hole size was about 1cm but it’s not exact science, I think next time I’ll try it just a little smaller. Cut the circle out. Cut a long strip about 3cm wide (around 1.20”), and use the tape to attach the strip around the circle. Try to close any gaps that light might be able to pass through. It doesn’t have to be pretty:

yep, not pretty

And that’s it! snap away with the filter set snugly on the lens. If you don’t have any object you want to focus on and have the effect go in the background, like I didn’t, switch to manual focus to blur things up.

This would work best with a lot of light sources – like street lights, car lights and traffic etc.. If you try it, please leave a comment and show us, I’d love to see!

UPDATE: Yay! I’m featured on Craftgawker! I noticed the sudden spike in traffic and wanted to say welcome to my blog! Feel free to take a look around and check out the blog homepage for more posts about crafts and other lovely things. You can also sign up to follow the blog by email for future posts – I promise fun and crafty shenanigans as well as future adventures studying in a school of design. The link to sign up for new post emails is right there at the bottom of the page. You can also follow me on Pinterest (another link, right beneath that one) where I pin new posts. Thank you and have a lovely day!


I’m excited and extremely nervous that October is here. Almost at the very end of it is my birthday (yay!) and a day before – I start Textile Design B.Des. studies in Shenkar.

It’s hard to believe. A year ago in October I was entertaining the thought of going this direction (and a year before that I was beginning yet another excruciating year in neuroscience.. go figure).

On October 11th last year I started a Design course, a prepping course for those who wish to work on portfolios and pass the entrance exams for schools, and work on techniques and such. I went because I wanted to see if I could do it, I wasn’t even sure which department I’d be interested in, if any. And I was really worried, as a person who’s never drawn anything properly in her life, that it wouldn’t be for me at all.

At some point something clicked about Textile (the knitting background helped) and I went into the exams, and then the interview that followed, thinking I don’t stand a chance in hell.

But. Here I am.

I worked very hard on my portfolio. The first stage was home assignments and the following stage was bringing my own portfolio to an interview. I wanted to give you a glimpse of the works I liked that were in the assignments, and maybe I’ll also post about my portfolio sometime in the future.

One of the home assignments was to choose an item of clothing from the ‘family closet’ and make something new out of it, while showing the transformation process in photos.

My grandmother gave me this dress of hers, which she bought in the 70’s in London when she and my grandpa lived there. My grandparents used to travel around the world a lot but they don’t do that much any more at their age, and so I created a travel bag out of the dress for her(which is why there are maps and a passport poking out in the photo) as an encouragement to travel.

I loved making it. It’s not functional in the least since I didn’t know how to sew at the time and the whole thing is glued with fabric glue. But I loved the old into new assignment, and using elements of the dress like the buttons and the belt.

I also had to find an environment that has interesting textures or patterns, bring in photographs and a drawing. I chose an area close to my neighborhood that not long ago was a hill, and now is a construction site for a new neighborhood.

Me, getting down and dirty

It was full of interesting clashes of man vs. nature

And this is the photo I chose to draw and the sketch I made. It took ages but I was pleased. I watched a lot of youtube videos on how to draw shrubbery..

(A better quality photo of the drawing is here)

I keep meaning to practice sketching again. It’s something I’ve never done, worked a lot on during the year, but then left completely since I got word I got into the school. What little confidence I built is completely lost and I have to work on it again. I have a month, but I keep getting distracted by knitting and sewing and things I feel I’m better at. Still, there are quite a few classes on the list that are going to focus on 2-dimension work. Better get into it and quiet the one of many many fears.

On unrelated news, today’s baking corner:


Super easy fudge brownies that turned out amazing, moist and delicious just like brownies should be. I Found the recipe through Pinterest (Of course) and pinned it because it seemed like one of those stuff-you’ve-got-in-the-kitchen-already recipes and I can always use those. I wasn’t disappointed.

Happy October!


I’m back from a week in Tuscany and Florence with the family, to really get this blogging thing rolling!

Tuscany was lovely. Great food, ice cream, wines, shops and beautiful views. The highlight of the trip for me was probably visiting the Uffizi, viewing Botticelli’s Venus and Primavera from up close was incredible.

I managed to steal some trips to yarn shops and fabric shops, and bought 200gr of an unknown unmarked lovely fingering weight in midnight blue for 2 euros, for a future light shawl.

The food, oh.. the food.

And that’s it for now.