I have a portfolio!

So I’ve been neglecting this blog, sadly, having no time to stop and document things I’ve been doing. But this weekend with the help of my photographer friend I took photos of my recent projects and uploaded them all to a brand new shiny portfolio online, which I can now share here!

It’s over at http://nogasapir.portfoliobox.me/

Do let me know what you think!

It’s got some knitting stuff, some screen printing, and a few other things.

P.S: The service I’m using, portfoliobox, is AWESOME and highly recommended. I made this really nice and aesthetic site in no time, with ease, for free, and they are nice enough to let you use all the Premium Pro-user-only templates for free for a month! If you’re thinking about uploading any type of creative effort online you should definitely check them out. AND if you set up your account through this invitation from me, you and I will both get 10 more images to our upload limit ;)



Holy crap guys, I haven’t posted anything this entire semester! Second year is busy!

I’m going to recap it once the semester ends and I get a bit of time. I have stuff to share! Mostly machine knitting swatches and stuff from the beautiful paper folding class we have, which I’m completely in love with. I promise to come back and share everything. If you feel like it you can catch up with me on the 365 blog, which I still upload photos to daily (well, almost daily..), it’s mostly homework and school photos I end up taking at 23:59 at home these days.

Also, the Etsy shop is doing well!

I’ve had quite a few sales already in the past few months since I opened. I love it, it makes me happy to share geeky love. I just hope I don’t get too swamped with schoolwork to be able to maintain it, I might have to take a break for a few weeks soon. And I plan to restock during break and possibly add some designs. If you have any geeky quote ideas to embroider gimme a shout :)

Daphna’s Wedding Shawl

knitting wedding shawl

I promised photos and here they are! The beautiful bride (I feel like a proud momma) and the white shawl I knit for her wedding day. One of my favorite knitting projects ever, probably. The knitting was fun by itself (I love lace!) but gifting it for Daphna’s special occasion was the best part.

knitting wedding shawl

The pattern is the Swallowtail Lace Shawl (it’s free!), knit in fingering with 4mm needles.

Summer crafting

A quick recap of July-August for you: fresh off the exams and final projects at the end of my first year at school, I finished the last exam mid July and drove straight to work at my summer job. Around that time I also moved out of my apartment and back to my parents home. For a while I was just working during the day and couch-potato-ing in the evenings, feeling exhausted and weary of the mess that was my room (having filled it with boxes and bags of apartment things after the move).

The change was abrupt and suddenly I wasn’t making anything, homework or otherwise, and it really got me down. So I started clearing out my room, bit by bit, and set up a proper work area. And now I’m back at it, crafting, for fun and not for school even! Atleast till the new school year begins and I go back to being a full time design student.

The first project of the summer was one I’m most proud of. I made a wedding shawl for my friend Daphna, and got to see her walk down the aisle and stand under the chuppah wearing it. Not only was it fun to make, it was meaningful and personal and I can’t wait to see the professional photographer’s photos so I can show off my beautiful friend and the knitted creation. It’s a triangular white lace shawl and it’s lovely, if I may say so myself. Quality pics to come, but in the meanwhile, here’s the one I took with my phone, you can barely see some lace peeking there.

The second thing is also exciting news. I picked up embroidery again and I’m planning on opening an Etsy shop soon. It’s going to be an embroidery hoops wall art sort of thing of a shop and I’ve already started making them. It’s great fun, I can’t wait to get it up and open and share it with you. I have a few things to get done first and then I’ll announce the grand opening.

See you soon, with pictures of stuff next time, and hopefully shop news!

Knit design it is!

I know you were on the edge of your seat waiting for the obvious news.. :) I’m going to  specialize in knits. Who knows what that really means though. And I still want to take print courses as much as possible and combine the two. We’ll see… :)


(Image from Randi Samsonsen, textile designer from Denmark)

The sorting hat

A friend compared the meeting I had yesterday to being sorted into Hogwarts houses.

Each of us first years had to bring selected works from classes we had this year to show the heads of the textile department, so they can decide whether we specialize in knit, print or weave in the next three years.

While it’s presented as ultimately their call, I think they take our wishes into account. This threw me into a tail-spin this last week, being torn between my old love (All things knitting) and my new one (Prints! Stencils! colors!).

We won’t know till next week. They were very nice and excited about everything I showed them, and while they said I could be in any of the three (yay!) they were so thrilled with my final knitting project, that I’m assessing it’s 80% Knit – 20% Print at this point. I showed absolutely no excitement about weaving (although I’ve seen amazing things done in weaving lately) so I don’t think they’ll send me there.

I guess I naturally lean towards knitting since, after years of hand knitting as a hobby, I feel like I understand what can be done with it, and I feel like I can read the structure of knitted items. I’m a complete novice when it comes to machine knitting but I’m anxious to learn. And I especially fantasize about computer aided design and knitting softwares. (I’m a geek).

I think knitting is considered related to fashion, and weaving to home interior design, and I really don’t know which field I prefer, but I take comfort in the fact that this won’t necessarily set the course for my future. I can take electives in all three, and I can find myself working in one of the other practices, or possibly combining different techniques.

Still, I’m very anxious to find out which is it. Anything but Slytherin…


A taste of my final project for knitting class

I’ve been away for a long time, again. Things are getting really busy with final presentations starting next week. I posted this image today for my 365 blog (which is going really well, I love documenting these little day-to-day moments) and figured this was an excuse for a quick blog post.

The final assignment is extremely up for interpretation. We’re requested to make a receptacle within a receptacle out of non-conventional materials (eugh, I’m so tired of this word. Gimme fabrics and yarn! I’m all about the yarn!).

I came upon the idea of using film negatives completely by mistake one day. I was looking for “non conventional” stuff to knit with around the house and I found a pile of old negatives while looking for something else. The thought process went ‘hey.. this has holes in it.. I can knit around it!’.

While we’re not required to have any deep conceptual meaning behind our assignment apart from having an inspiration picture for the color palette choices, I love how much meaning the material inherently holds. I chose cassette tape to knit with for the same reason. Both contain memories, visual and auditory, both are out of use and have been replaced with newer technology, basically old information we can’t use anymore cast aside. I just knew that whatever shape I end up making it will make you think when you see it, which is really important to me and sort of missing from our current assignments. I also love the play with light, how you can look through it and see the original photos. I took the photo of the object on its side, so you can’t see that it has film all around it in various lengths and orientation, but it was placed like this so  it can be photographed with the light behind it illuminating the film.

I mentioned the choice of materials and the color palette needed to be derived from an inspiration picture.  It was obvious to me it had to be a photograph and not a painting, to match the photograph concept, and I wanted it to be in relation to my grandma, who taught me to knit. I asked my grandparents for any old photographs they might have with that ‘vintage-y’ sepia color, and they gave me this wonderful photo of my great grandmother and two friends:


Isn’t it just gorgeous?

So that’s it, not so short a post as I thought, turned out I had a lot to say about this :) I will probably post about all my final presentations of the semester, so expect more about this next week.



2012 was awesome and some big stuff happened in it. Mainly getting accepted and starting Textile Design studies, plus moving to a new apartment. But also this:

2012 sum up collage

I managed to do quite a lot! I baked loads, mainly for my co-workers (I think I made at least 5 different kinds of cupcakes from Martha Stewart’s Cupcake book this year, which they bought me), I knit only a little bit, and I got into a general crafting spirit: I finally got the sewing machine out and learnt how to sew, and I dabbled in quilling, jewelry making, embroidery, various home DIY’s, drawing, painting and shoes-glitterifying.

It was all really really fun. Daring to try new things when I  had a random idea or saw something cool on the internet brought more and more ideas, and gave me courage and confidence in applying for school and thinking I can actually do it and fit in. These days I’ve got almost zero time to craft as a hobby, but new crafts and ideas arise from homework which is just as exciting.

Here’s hoping 2013 will be just as filled with creation joy, with hopefully a bit of time to do it just for fun.

Have a great 2013 and thank you for reading!


P.S – I’ve decided to do the 365 Project this year. I’ll be posting my daily photos on a separate blog – 365 Waves, do come over and check it out! If you’re doing the project this year or have done it in the past, I’d love to see your photos and hear your tips! I’m worried about forgetting or skipping days and will do better knowing it’s a group effort :)

School things

I’ve not been around lately which I regret as I’ve grown to really like blogging here. I’ve basically just been doing a lot of homework. Nothing all that interesting of itself I had to come here to share, but here’s a brief overview so I don’t feel too sad about neglecting the blog.

We’ve had a model for the past few weeks in drawing class. Mostly working with charcoal and I HATE charcoal with a passion. But then this week we got to use ink, which I love, and a dry brush. For some reason, the assignment was to draw on a sheet covered with one A4 and then separate them, and fill in the blank rectangle and fill out the borders around the A4 with color. I’m showing it to you because I loved my initial drawing. I’m not so sure about the color, it’s my first time ever even touching color, and you can see I truly botched my proportions on both tries (and the poor face..), but I found it actually nice.


We have a class called “From 2-D to 3-D”, which is pretty conceptual work. I like it. The teacher is an artist, and we get to go for whatever we want under pretty loose instructions. We started from modeling an object from a drawn line and I made something spiky out of wire.  Next we had to create a surface (yep, it’s that vague) and I made this geometrical thing with lots of embroidery thread:

textile 006

And then I had to create a small artifact, and made this out of straws and acrylic paint. It came out looking like a minuature model of the emerald city :D

sh 033

And I made these textures out of leaves and sunflower, coriander and mustard seeds:


Finally, a few weeks back I went to see a few textile-related exhibitions in Tel Aviv, the best of which (at the Tel Aviv museum of art) featured works by Sandra Backlund, a Swedish fashion designer who does amazing things with knits. I took pictures!

sh 017

sh 006

Sandra Backlund


So that’s what’s been going on lately. Sorry to bombard you with all these non-related assignments. I plan to pace the posting and document more as we’re nearing the end of the semester – I can’t believe it, time just flies. Our works are supposed to get grander preparing for the final presentations and I hope I’ll have some interesting stuff to show.

little baby knits!

Working on homework has taken up all of my time recently. It’s been a long time since I did any crafting for fun.
But when a new baby was born to a friend, I felt overwhelming baby-knitting-fever. It’s really quite common a disease among knitters! how could it not? Baby knits are so small! So cute! I just had to. I freed up a bit of time to make these:


squee! The yarn is Berroco vintage, left over from my Phinney sweater and just the right baby blue shade. The hat is the berry baby hat, the booties are Eco Baby booties.