Holy crap guys, I haven’t posted anything this entire semester! Second year is busy!

I’m going to recap it once the semester ends and I get a bit of time. I have stuff to share! Mostly machine knitting swatches and stuff from the beautiful paper folding class we have, which I’m completely in love with. I promise to come back and share everything. If you feel like it you can catch up with me on the 365 blog, which I still upload photos to daily (well, almost daily..), it’s mostly homework and school photos I end up taking at 23:59 at home these days.

Also, the Etsy shop is doing well!

I’ve had quite a few sales already in the past few months since I opened. I love it, it makes me happy to share geeky love. I just hope I don’t get too swamped with schoolwork to be able to maintain it, I might have to take a break for a few weeks soon. And I plan to restock during break and possibly add some designs. If you have any geeky quote ideas to embroider gimme a shout :)


Etsy shop is live!

You guys! How exciting is this? Upon The Waves is officially live on Etsy:

Upon the Waves on Etsy

hours upon hours of crafting and hours upon hours of tv watching and geeking out have finally combined to one hobby to be shared with fellow lovers of geek culture!

Let me know what you think and if you have any quote suggestions!

Summer crafting

A quick recap of July-August for you: fresh off the exams and final projects at the end of my first year at school, I finished the last exam mid July and drove straight to work at my summer job. Around that time I also moved out of my apartment and back to my parents home. For a while I was just working during the day and couch-potato-ing in the evenings, feeling exhausted and weary of the mess that was my room (having filled it with boxes and bags of apartment things after the move).

The change was abrupt and suddenly I wasn’t making anything, homework or otherwise, and it really got me down. So I started clearing out my room, bit by bit, and set up a proper work area. And now I’m back at it, crafting, for fun and not for school even! Atleast till the new school year begins and I go back to being a full time design student.

The first project of the summer was one I’m most proud of. I made a wedding shawl for my friend Daphna, and got to see her walk down the aisle and stand under the chuppah wearing it. Not only was it fun to make, it was meaningful and personal and I can’t wait to see the professional photographer’s photos so I can show off my beautiful friend and the knitted creation. It’s a triangular white lace shawl and it’s lovely, if I may say so myself. Quality pics to come, but in the meanwhile, here’s the one I took with my phone, you can barely see some lace peeking there.

The second thing is also exciting news. I picked up embroidery again and I’m planning on opening an Etsy shop soon. It’s going to be an embroidery hoops wall art sort of thing of a shop and I’ve already started making them. It’s great fun, I can’t wait to get it up and open and share it with you. I have a few things to get done first and then I’ll announce the grand opening.

See you soon, with pictures of stuff next time, and hopefully shop news!

What I did on break

A few weeks back, before the new Oh-My-God-Hectic semester began, I had a week and a bit to rest, completely free and with no chores, and I did a bit of crafting just for fun. You already saw the nightstand makeover, but I didn’t get half a breath to show you I also picked up cross stitching!

rose cross stitch

I never tried it before, but I figured it must be pretty easy to learn and I stumbled upon this chart which is lovely. It was easy but it took *forever*, just this small hoop. I measured it in Supernatural episodes, at that time I also discovered Supernatural and watched marathons of the show all night and day. So I know it took long because it took me a full season to finish the rose.

And then boredom led me to polka-dot my nails with the head of a pin:

polkadot nails

Fun times were had!


2012 was awesome and some big stuff happened in it. Mainly getting accepted and starting Textile Design studies, plus moving to a new apartment. But also this:

2012 sum up collage

I managed to do quite a lot! I baked loads, mainly for my co-workers (I think I made at least 5 different kinds of cupcakes from Martha Stewart’s Cupcake book this year, which they bought me), I knit only a little bit, and I got into a general crafting spirit: I finally got the sewing machine out and learnt how to sew, and I dabbled in quilling, jewelry making, embroidery, various home DIY’s, drawing, painting and shoes-glitterifying.

It was all really really fun. Daring to try new things when I  had a random idea or saw something cool on the internet brought more and more ideas, and gave me courage and confidence in applying for school and thinking I can actually do it and fit in. These days I’ve got almost zero time to craft as a hobby, but new crafts and ideas arise from homework which is just as exciting.

Here’s hoping 2013 will be just as filled with creation joy, with hopefully a bit of time to do it just for fun.

Have a great 2013 and thank you for reading!


P.S – I’ve decided to do the 365 Project this year. I’ll be posting my daily photos on a separate blog – 365 Waves, do come over and check it out! If you’re doing the project this year or have done it in the past, I’d love to see your photos and hear your tips! I’m worried about forgetting or skipping days and will do better knowing it’s a group effort :)

More botanical drawing

As predicted, this is fast becoming my favorite course for the semester. I can’t begin to describe to you the calming effect it has and how wonderful it is that it’s the first class of the week.

In class this week I sat for more than an hour with my (super sweet) headphones, listening to music and drawing cherry tomatoes.

It’s not much but it was lots of fun and I felt like I could continue working on it for hours, just perfecting shade and the roundness of the tomatoes.

Then for homework, to work on linework, we were asked to choose a photograph of chinese embroidery and draw it, copying the stitches of thread with pencils so that a lot of overlapping and parallel lines create an image. Here is the photo I used and the drawing I made.

I’m quite pleased with it, even though it took me a lot more time than intended. The purpose of the exercise was lines and not so much colors, but I get so hung up on perfectly recreating the image I spent a lot of time matching colors so that it looks just like in the photo. It’s my ‘color inside the lines!’ personality, I just can’t help it.

I also really liked our drawing class this week. I might take a photo of the sketch I made during class and post it later.

I can’t believe another week went by so fast, already two weeks in. Here’s to another creative and challenging week!

Mission Accomplished

It’s taken me a while to post again since I’m moving (yay!). I haven’t had much time for doing anything, but I hope to get some home-crafting/room-prettifying done before school begins. I don’t have a lot of time, but I have a lot of ideas and an abundance of pins on my Pinterest inspiration board..

what I have achieved, though, is this:


Let me remind you how it looked before:

This is what I did instead of packing, while telling myself it is sort of like a form of packing, and that I want everything to be beautifully organized like this in the new place.

I wound all 300~ skeins (is it still skeins when it’s not yarn?) of floss by hand onto these bobbins, while marking color numbers both on the bobbins and on a printed DMC catalog. I used this chart to match Anchor floss with DMC shades.

It’s beautiful. I could just sit and look at it for hours on end. I’m oh so very grateful to Heather for sending me this joy.

I think you can expect a lot of embroidery in the future. But for now.. back to packing.

Embroidery craze

A while back I received this awesome lot from an incredibly generous Ravelry friend:

It made me feel like this. I will never want for any embroidery floss ever again.

After the initial shock and craving to dive in head first passed, I realized I should probably get it organized by colors and wound onto bobbins. So I plan to start a floss organizing week month project by the end of which hopefully all of it will be sorted and wound and organized in boxes like this:

Photo Credit:  Zen of Making

I love Zen of Making’s Haley’s post about organizing floss, especially since she dedicates a step to turning on mindless tv, which is important. I have lots of tv watching to make up but sadly no bobbin winder, which means all the more tv…

In the meanwhile, floss all thrown about the room, I’ve been doing a lot of embroidery, which the new banner demonstrates well (as well as my meager letter embroidery skills).

I just finished this cute pattern from comfortstitching. I love the aesthetic look of an embroidery hoop so I glue the fabric to the hoops and use them as frames, but soon I’ll graduate to embroidery as part of bigger projects. I’m running out of walls to hang hoops on, and it’s also a bit frustrating to buy more and more hoops for a one-time use, knowing it’s supposed to be a tool to aid with many embroidery projects.

I also made this for a friend!

Embroidery hoop Rony comics

It’s a drawing of her she made as part of a comic strip.

I love the iron-on transfer pen which lets you copy anything you want from paper to fabric and I bought one on Ebay a few weeks back. I printed the comic strip image (not forgetting to flip it so it’s a mirror image), went over the lines with the marker, then pressed them on to the fabric.

I was winging it with the embroidery and I’m still pretty new to the technique, so it’s a bit all over the place with satin stitch and backstitch. Next time I’ll know to plan more carefully how I cover my spaces, and match the stitch with the wanted result. Still, it’s pretty cute, and she liked it :)

Embroidery is definitely the hype for this week. Feel free to check out my embroidery board on Pinterest for patterns, tutorials and embroidery art that I like. The link to my Pinterest boards is right at the bottom of the page here. While you’re at it you can also sign up for email notifications or RSS (omg technology!).


On today’s baking corner:

zucchini bread muffins

zucchini muffins!

Smitten Kitchen’s Zucchini bread in muffin form + glazing (with Vodka!)

It’s my first time baking with zucchini so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Much like carrot cake, the veggie gives the cake texture and form but doesn’t really taste like it does outside of it. All in all, very yumm.