Picture Heavy Weekend: Skirt Sewing and yummy food making!

A short time after she got back from her honeymoon, Daphna and I got together for a well-planned-ahead weekend of crafting and fooding. She’s recently received an awesome gift for her wedding – a shiny new sewing machine, and ever since I got her hooked on Pinterest we’ve both been drooling over glorious recipes we want to try. And so I drove up to her boyfriend husband’s and hers lovely apartment in Jerusalem for 3 packed days.

On the menu:

Four onions quiche (In Hebrew, sorry. Google Translate is your somewhat illiterate friend)

– Amazing Tabouli salad (Daphna’s family’s recipe. Gotta ask her for that one)

Giant chocolate chip cookie baked in a skillet for dessert

Lemon Ricotta pancakes with black currant sauce for saturday morning breakfast (We couldn’t find blueberries, so – black currants.)

We started Friday morning with fabric shopping downtown and brunch in this cafe:

Jerusalem brunch Tmol Shilshom

Then we went to the market to buy groceries for all the upcoming cooking. It’s crazy busy on Fridays but I got a few good shots (Not around any of the veggies or greens we bought because then we were busy trying to purchase, but of market noms that were everywhere):

Jerusalem market food

When we got home we rested a bit and then started preparing dinner.

Four onions quiche Bazek Alim

The quiche was awesome and the salad was just so so good. I cannot explain to you how good the salad was for me, who usually doesn’t like too much green stuff. It was just light and lemony and yum, and it offset the heaviness of everything else and made us feel less guilty about all the butter.

Tabouli Salad

We’ve been fantasizing about the giant chocolate chip cookie all week, and it was amazing. We “accidentally” used too much chocolate and it was melty and crazy and so good with ice cream. We broke down after about a third of it.

Chocolate chip chunks cookie

Skillet baked giant chocolate chip cookie

Skillet baked giant chocolate chip cookie

After all this we just had to crash on the sofa for a while, look at beautiful wedding photos (ahem) and watch my favorite brothers living Tuesday over and over:

Supernatural Winchesters

(isn’t Daphna’s apartment lovely? look! mini succulents!)

On Saturday morning we made this, and it was as yummy as it looks:

Ricotta lemon black currant pancakes

And then after all the food it was time to get to work!

Sewing machine

We made skirts! We used this tutorial from iCandy Handmade, which adapts MADE‘s tutorial for jersey fabric. Still, the fabric was sort of medium weight and we ended up with a larger opening than we wanted because of its weight, so we shaved off a few inches more from the waistband and gathered the skirt. I really like how it turned out!

Jersey circle skirts sewing

The new sewing machine was lovely and I’m sure Daphna’s going to make beautiful things with it. It was so different from mine – my grandma’s old Singer from the 70’s. The weekend got me itching to go back to sewing so I pulled it out and started working on a blouse using the awesome fabric I got in Jerusalem. It will be ready soon and I’ll be able to show it off here :)

So that was that, it was amazing and fun and a bit tiring. Many thanks to Daphna and Yuval for hosting and keeping me around for so long and putting up with the mess :D It was a great way to celebrate the end of summer break! and we’ll definitely have to do this again, there are many more outrageously fattening recipes on Pinterest.


DIY pearl bobby pins

Pearl Bobby Pins DIY ~ Upon The Waves

I love this Chanel inspired DIY! I’ve seen this done around the web, with pearl beads and wires, and I believe I’ve found an even faster and easier way. Seriously, this takes 30 seconds to make. A minute and 30 seconds, if you count the time it takes the glue gun to warm up.

You just need flatback half pearl embellishments, found in every craft store, bobby pins and a hot glue gun.

pearl bobby pins DIY ~ Upon The Waves

I discovered there’s an age-old debate on the internet regarding which side of the bobby pin faces down – the wavy one or the flat. I had the glue gun in hand when I paused, “wait a minute, which side faces outward?”. I tested both options on myself and came to the conclusion I wear them with the flat side facing down, and so I glued the pearl on the wavy side. I don’t want to tell you how to wear your bobby pins, that’s between you and your head (ha!), and apparently there are pros and cons for each method (I know, right?) so it’s up to you. Just grab your half pearl, and glue it to the edge of the pin with a drop of hot glue at its base. Let it dry and that’s it! So simple yet so beautiful and elegant.

DIY Pearl Bobby Pins ~ Upon The Waves

I also made some golden ones! I bought a gold nail polish and got a bit excited so I used it to color a few pearls, once I was done with this nails experiment with gold and mint:

Mint and Gold nail polish ~ Upon The Waves

Now that the shop stuff is all done and ready, I’m beginning to get my crafting groove back. I hope to accomplish a few more ideas before the new school year begins and I’ll only be posting about classes again. Watch this space and feel free to follow me on Pinterest or sign up for blog updates via email! All the links are down here at the bottom of the page.

Have a lovely day!

Nightstand Makeover: Fabric Decoupage

I’ve got a full week of total freedom, since the last exam finished and till the new semester begins. It took me a few days of staring at the wall, watching Doctor Who and eating cookies to get back into crafty DIY mode. The apartment has seen no improvements since school began so now it’s time to prettify it a little.

First stop: this piece of salvaged furniture a neighbor threw out, which I’ve been using as a nightstand.

nightstand makeover before_1

There wasn’t much to do with the sunken top, but a few drops of carpenters glue helped strengthen the corners.

And then – the make over. All it took was paint (left over from a school assignment – yay for fully exploiting existing resources!), Mod Podge (Gloss-Lustre) and cotton fabric for the drawers.

nightstand make over after_1

This was the first time I did decoupage with fabric and I used many tips from this tutorial from Lolie’s Abode.

The steps for decoupage were as follows:

1. I traced around the drawer tops and cut the fabric with a few cm extra on every side. I made sure the placement was alright for the three drawers.

2. I found it especially helpful to spread a thin layer of Mod Podge on the cut fabric and letting it dry before gluing it to the drawers. The Mod Podge stiffens the fabric and makes it easier to work with. I also made sure I chose a thick non-transparent fabric to begin with so I wouldn’t have issues with the wood showing beneath it. It didn’t bubble at all which was a relief. On the contrary, the Mod Podge made all the creases and lines disappear and I didn’t have to feel guilty about not ironing the fabric first.

3. I used Mod Podge to glue the fabric onto the top of the drawer first and let it dry, then cut around the excess fabric to leave only a thin border, just enough to go over the edges.

4. I glued around the corners and the back one side after the other, folding the corners as neatly as possible. As a first project, I would recommend you don’t do as I did, and pick a rectangular surface with straight lines. The curved part of the drawer was tricky. I let go of any hope of the fabric looking nice and neat on the inside. I clipped the fabric so it would stretch better, and used my fingers a lot to pull and stretch it over the curve. I think all in all I did nicely but it was the trickiest part of an otherwise easy project.

5. I spread another layer of Mod Podge over the fabric front and edges (over the corner folds especially) to seal it. As I said my fabric didn’t bubble at all so I didn’t need any extra layers to smooth it out and once was enough. I also didn’t sand it afterwards. I’m very pleased with the finish. I think the fabric choice is crucial here so if you use a sturdy cotton fabric you’d be okay.

I only wish I’d dealt with the sunken top but otherwise I’m very happy. It was a poorly built little piece of furniture to begin with, one of those things people throw out and you just collect for your student apartment, but now it’s brighter and happier and it’s something I made, so I’m very fond of it.

I hope to get some more DIY done before the end of the week. And next week – new semester, new classes! I’m excited. Mostly because we’re going to have an embroidery class and I’m very much into embroidery and already have all the materials and tools. So watch this space for more school madness. Remember to sign up for updates via email or RSS down here at the bottom of the page or follow me on Pinterest!


2012 was awesome and some big stuff happened in it. Mainly getting accepted and starting Textile Design studies, plus moving to a new apartment. But also this:

2012 sum up collage

I managed to do quite a lot! I baked loads, mainly for my co-workers (I think I made at least 5 different kinds of cupcakes from Martha Stewart’s Cupcake book this year, which they bought me), I knit only a little bit, and I got into a general crafting spirit: I finally got the sewing machine out and learnt how to sew, and I dabbled in quilling, jewelry making, embroidery, various home DIY’s, drawing, painting and shoes-glitterifying.

It was all really really fun. Daring to try new things when I  had a random idea or saw something cool on the internet brought more and more ideas, and gave me courage and confidence in applying for school and thinking I can actually do it and fit in. These days I’ve got almost zero time to craft as a hobby, but new crafts and ideas arise from homework which is just as exciting.

Here’s hoping 2013 will be just as filled with creation joy, with hopefully a bit of time to do it just for fun.

Have a great 2013 and thank you for reading!


P.S – I’ve decided to do the 365 Project this year. I’ll be posting my daily photos on a separate blog – 365 Waves, do come over and check it out! If you’re doing the project this year or have done it in the past, I’d love to see your photos and hear your tips! I’m worried about forgetting or skipping days and will do better knowing it’s a group effort :)

Embellishing Ikea: DIY with Washi Tape

My mom and I made two trips to Ikea within a week a while back, working quickly to fill gaps in my new apartment before school began. While I love Ikea’s prices and that crisp clean minimalist look of their basics, my head was already full of ideas (and pin-board full of pins) for making the furniture we buy my own. I started reading up on how to paint laminate furniture but it’s a bit of a fuss and I’ve never done furniture painting in my life, so that’s a job for another day when life isn’t so hectic.

And then I came across a box of washi tape in my local art supplies store.

It was addiction love at first sight.

I decided to give my brand new Lack table a facelift. I used four washi tape rolls, two of every kind. Actually, I first bought only one of every kind, as photographed, but then I ran out towards the end… Don’t be me, buy more than you think you’ll need!

I taped long strips in alternating color, and used that long black strip of paper you see there as a guide for the spaces.

Clear tape at the underside keeps the ends from unsticking (the glue on the lighter tape is pretty weak).

I was thinking of coating the table, but I like the fact that I can change my mind and just take the strips off and replace them if I want to. So far it’s holding up very well. Believe it or not, I removed a few wine stains with a wet washcloth and they left not one mark.

That’s it! super easy, mega fun. I really recommend taping random things with washi and If you do, please show me. I need more washi ideas. And more washi tape!

So that’s the craft I’ve been working on, it took time with the beginning of school interrupting there in the middle. I have a few more Ikea ideas so if you’re into that sort of thing feel free to sign up via email or follow me on Pinterest to keep tabs, the links are here at the bottom of the page. It might take me a bit more time between posts now but I promise to keep it up, I’m loving this blog thing way too much to quit it.

Have a great week!

Fun with Bokeh

Easiest DIY for a sweet photo effect.

Our back porch is filled with pretty light chains right now, since it’s all decked out for Sukkot, so it seemed like a great opportunity to try this.

All you’ll need is a large aperture lens (Mine is the ever popular Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II), black cardstock, tape (preferably black electrical tape but I ran out and used clear tape instead), a pair of scissors, a pencil and a paper-punch or an x-acto knife to cut out the shape.

Draw the outline of your lens on cardstock with a pencil, using the largest circumference of the lens as guide. Punch out the shape you want with a punch in the middle of the circle, or cut the shape out with an x-acto. I had a butterfly punch and I cut out the heart shape by hand and both did fine. The hole size was about 1cm but it’s not exact science, I think next time I’ll try it just a little smaller. Cut the circle out. Cut a long strip about 3cm wide (around 1.20”), and use the tape to attach the strip around the circle. Try to close any gaps that light might be able to pass through. It doesn’t have to be pretty:

yep, not pretty

And that’s it! snap away with the filter set snugly on the lens. If you don’t have any object you want to focus on and have the effect go in the background, like I didn’t, switch to manual focus to blur things up.

This would work best with a lot of light sources – like street lights, car lights and traffic etc.. If you try it, please leave a comment and show us, I’d love to see!

UPDATE: Yay! I’m featured on Craftgawker! I noticed the sudden spike in traffic and wanted to say welcome to my blog! Feel free to take a look around and check out the blog homepage for more posts about crafts and other lovely things. You can also sign up to follow the blog by email for future posts – I promise fun and crafty shenanigans as well as future adventures studying in a school of design. The link to sign up for new post emails is right there at the bottom of the page. You can also follow me on Pinterest (another link, right beneath that one) where I pin new posts. Thank you and have a lovely day!

Gold and leather bracelet – DIY break

Between finishing a sweater and embarking on a sewing spree, I made these bracelets last night in five minutes!

I spotted the tutorial from “Honestly… WTF” on Pinterest and loved the stacked look and the gold/brown combination. It was only a matter of gathering the needed supplies then and I found the leather cord and gold tube beads in a bead shop, a detour from a fabric shop trip I took yesterday (and more on that real soon).

The gold beads are a little too large for the cord so they shuffle around and don’t stay in one place. I made two bracelets and on one I used pliers to smoosh them a bit. It worked well, but on some of the beads it shows a bit too much so on the second bracelet I just let them slide around. I really like the look, and I love how effortless it was. I’ll consider buying more cords in other colors and mix with gold and silver.
Now back to my sweater…

Crafty goodness – Sparkly Shoes

I wanted the first DIY post here to be about glitterifying shoes, probably my most favorite DIY to date:


There are quite a few tutorials around the net on how to do this, I did a mishmash of them and fell inlove with the results.

You will need:

– A pair of old shoes. Mine were worn yellow faux-leather shoes with spots of dirt that wouldn’t come off, as you can see in the top left picture.

– Fine glitter in the color of your choosing

– Mod-podge (I used the sparkle Mod-podge which added color to the gold glitter)

– Electric tape

– Several layers of newspaper to lay down so you don’t get glitter everywhere.

I chose gold glitter thinking it would go well with the yellow leather in case it peeks out, but the glitter covers everything well so I wouldn’t worry about matching the glitter color to the shoes.

I did the whole thing on the floor but even if you do it on a desk you should still have multiple layers of newspaper. I re-used the spilled glitter several times, and the fold of the paper made it very easy to gather and pour the glitter.

You need to cover the areas you don’t want glitter on. I chose to keep the dark brown heel and the soles glitter-free, so I had to cover them with electrical tape. This can be tricky around the curves and I might have done a better job if I weren’t so eager to get on to the glitter stage.. I stuffed the inside of the shoes with sandwich bags taped to the inside, which kept the insides clean of glitter once I was done.

Now on to the fun stage! Going one section at a time, I covered the shoes with mod-podge and poured loads of glitter straight over the glue covered area, shook a bit, used the fallen glitter over the next section, and so on. Shake everything well all the time, so you can re-use loose glitter and see where you missed spots.

After that part was done – and looked amazing, I went over the shoes with another coat of mod-podge mixed with more glitter. This is important. At first it can seem scary and sad to cover the shoes with white glue, but once it dries and turns transparent the glue adds a bit of colorful sparkle and more importantly seals all the glitter in so you don’t leave a trail wherever you go. You can be confident enough to run your hand over the shoes surface or beat them together and no glitter or shine will be lost – definite WIN.

Image(they look sorta floaty but there’s a dark brown heel there somewhere :))