The Great Yearly Bake Off!

I’ve been very busy with schoolwork (man, that sentence is getting old…) and have neglected the blog, but I come with news!

Baking decadent desserts from Pinterest recipes has long been a refuge of mine in days of stress. Looking for a new way to challenge ourselvesĀ in a fun and not stressful way, my friend Rony and I came up with a Bake Off 2016 challenge, which we’re going to document over in our new blog: The Great Yearly Bake Off!

We chose 12 themes and each of us chose 12 surprise recipes for the other. Each month is going to begin with unveiling and then we’ll each blog about our experience.

Come over, I think it’s going to be fun!

img-20160107-wa00051 (1)



Holy crap guys, I haven’t posted anything this entire semester! Second year is busy!

I’m going to recap it once the semester ends and I get a bit of time. I have stuff to share! Mostly machine knitting swatches and stuff from the beautiful paper folding class we have, which I’m completely in love with. I promise to come back and share everything. If you feel like it you can catch up with me on the 365 blog, which I still upload photos to daily (well, almost daily..), it’s mostly homework and school photos I end up taking at 23:59 at home these days.

Also, the Etsy shop is doing well!

I’ve had quite a few sales already in the past few months since I opened. I love it, it makes me happy to share geeky love. I just hope I don’t get too swamped with schoolwork to be able to maintain it, I might have to take a break for a few weeks soon. And I plan to restock during break and possibly add some designs. If you have any geeky quote ideas to embroider gimme a shout :)


An exciting thing happened just the other day. Upon the Waves got its 100th follower! (Interestingly, my 365 photography blog is just behind with 99!)

To my followers and viewers I’d just like to say, from the bottom of my heart and with a hug –

Upon the waves 100 followers!When I started out, I didn’t dream anyone would actually be interested in my ramblings. I hope you guys are enjoying them, as I have a blast with each post I make. Blogging here has got me excited about things I make, and has given me motivation to work on new ideas. During the school year I post mostly about school and homework, and posting allows me to pause and appreciate how cool this new direction I’ve taken really is.

Thank you so much for sticking with me!