Iris Van Herpen rocks my world

We went to see an Iris Van Herpen exhibit today in the Holon Design Museum, a very fine little museum that also looks pretty awesome itself:


And.. well.. She is amazing and has been one of my favorite designers for a long time now (my current knitting project is inspired by one of her designs actually), so it was amazing as expected. Incredible details, materials, shapes.. basically just one work of art after another. I went photo-happy and all the close ups are just so pretty I have to share the results.























And this was probably the best one. It’s just amazing up close.






London Laser Cut

This is quite possibly the coolest thing I got to do this year:

london laser cut map

Our Illustrator class teacher decided that instead of just mailing her our final project we should get it laser cut.  We could design whatever we wanted to have cut and I chose to do a map (lifelong passion) of London (see previous remark). I’ve loved learning Illustrator (And Photoshop last semester), and so I tackled the laborious task of outlining the map with glee.

I was going to try and simplify an existing screenshot from Google Maps, but that didn’t come out clean enough so I built the paths from scratch based on the screenshot. It could, of course, be more specific and detail blocks (like my inspiration) but I had time and cost constraints. I love it like it is.

london laser cut detail

I got it from the laser cutting studio place like this, covered in tape, like a puzzle. I had to peel the tape off very gingerly (even though the cardboard is pretty sturdy) and let all the little pieces fall.

1 005

1 008

laser cut thames

I just love how it came out exactly like I saw it in my head. And laser cutting is just a gorgeous technology (albeit pricey). I feel like creating more things to get cut now, maybe try plastic or wood or fabric, and do intricate designs or typography or what have you. It’s just too cool!


Hello again! It’s been awhile.

We’ve been doing woodcuts in our print class and it’s the first time in a few weeks homework is fun and worth sharing. I’m kinda proud of how my first ever woodcut turned out:

wheat field woodcuts

The photo I used was one I took in England of an endless wheat field swaying in the breeze. The cutting process was easier than I thought, and I only bruised two fingers while doing it! And then the printing itself was exciting. I made a ton of prints and it took a while to get the swing of things. The one at the top of the middle pic is one of my better ones, but it’s still got some even pressure issues.

Next up – linocuts! I’m using pics of my doggie for that. I’ll share it if they’re any good :)


ציור 002The final presentation of the semester was today, drawing class. We had to bring in ten portraits, in any technique we choose. Most people went with charcoal or pencil, and I chose to use ink with a dry brush.

I feel like my strength is small detail drawings that are always too light (which is why I loved botanical drawing), and ink draws a more violent approach out of me. It’s also unforgiving as you can’t erase any lines, so most of these are so-so in quality, composition and proportions. I did more than ten and chose the best out of everything I had. I got many people to sit for me, wonderful and patient family members and friends. Sadly most of the portraits ended up not looking like them at all (I’m really not good at this.. and still kinda ‘green’ at drawing faces). Best ones were definitely the two portraits of my little brother, who sat perfectly still (once in front of the PlayStation and once with an Iphone…), those two are the ones that resemble reality most. Our instructor really liked this one:

ציור 010

So I’m not a great painter yet, but it was a fun exercise and I feel that I’ve improved along the way. And the technique is super fun, as long as you don’t accidentally let a drop of ink fall splat in the middle of your drawing, ask me how I know.

We also had to bring all we’ve done in the past semester in class, which was a nice reminder that from time to time I can actually produce decent drawings.

ציור 003

I hope to post about my other presentations as well, especially weaving as it was a lot of work and I liked the outcome. But now – exams. We have two written exams coming up, just up my alley after 3 years in university, finally some normal sit-down-and-cram, in PJ’s with coffee. Can’t believe I’m actually looking forward to it.

A taste of my final project for knitting class

I’ve been away for a long time, again. Things are getting really busy with final presentations starting next week. I posted this image today for my 365 blog (which is going really well, I love documenting these little day-to-day moments) and figured this was an excuse for a quick blog post.

The final assignment is extremely up for interpretation. We’re requested to make a receptacle within a receptacle out of non-conventional materials (eugh, I’m so tired of this word. Gimme fabrics and yarn! I’m all about the yarn!).

I came upon the idea of using film negatives completely by mistake one day. I was looking for “non conventional” stuff to knit with around the house and I found a pile of old negatives while looking for something else. The thought process went ‘hey.. this has holes in it.. I can knit around it!’.

While we’re not required to have any deep conceptual meaning behind our assignment apart from having an inspiration picture for the color palette choices, I love how much meaning the material inherently holds. I chose cassette tape to knit with for the same reason. Both contain memories, visual and auditory, both are out of use and have been replaced with newer technology, basically old information we can’t use anymore cast aside. I just knew that whatever shape I end up making it will make you think when you see it, which is really important to me and sort of missing from our current assignments. I also love the play with light, how you can look through it and see the original photos. I took the photo of the object on its side, so you can’t see that it has film all around it in various lengths and orientation, but it was placed like this so  it can be photographed with the light behind it illuminating the film.

I mentioned the choice of materials and the color palette needed to be derived from an inspiration picture.  It was obvious to me it had to be a photograph and not a painting, to match the photograph concept, and I wanted it to be in relation to my grandma, who taught me to knit. I asked my grandparents for any old photographs they might have with that ‘vintage-y’ sepia color, and they gave me this wonderful photo of my great grandmother and two friends:


Isn’t it just gorgeous?

So that’s it, not so short a post as I thought, turned out I had a lot to say about this :) I will probably post about all my final presentations of the semester, so expect more about this next week.


School things

I’ve not been around lately which I regret as I’ve grown to really like blogging here. I’ve basically just been doing a lot of homework. Nothing all that interesting of itself I had to come here to share, but here’s a brief overview so I don’t feel too sad about neglecting the blog.

We’ve had a model for the past few weeks in drawing class. Mostly working with charcoal and I HATE charcoal with a passion. But then this week we got to use ink, which I love, and a dry brush. For some reason, the assignment was to draw on a sheet covered with one A4 and then separate them, and fill in the blank rectangle and fill out the borders around the A4 with color. I’m showing it to you because I loved my initial drawing. I’m not so sure about the color, it’s my first time ever even touching color, and you can see I truly botched my proportions on both tries (and the poor face..), but I found it actually nice.


We have a class called “From 2-D to 3-D”, which is pretty conceptual work. I like it. The teacher is an artist, and we get to go for whatever we want under pretty loose instructions. We started from modeling an object from a drawn line and I made something spiky out of wire.  Next we had to create a surface (yep, it’s that vague) and I made this geometrical thing with lots of embroidery thread:

textile 006

And then I had to create a small artifact, and made this out of straws and acrylic paint. It came out looking like a minuature model of the emerald city :D

sh 033

And I made these textures out of leaves and sunflower, coriander and mustard seeds:


Finally, a few weeks back I went to see a few textile-related exhibitions in Tel Aviv, the best of which (at the Tel Aviv museum of art) featured works by Sandra Backlund, a Swedish fashion designer who does amazing things with knits. I took pictures!

sh 017

sh 006

Sandra Backlund


So that’s what’s been going on lately. Sorry to bombard you with all these non-related assignments. I plan to pace the posting and document more as we’re nearing the end of the semester – I can’t believe it, time just flies. Our works are supposed to get grander preparing for the final presentations and I hope I’ll have some interesting stuff to show.