DIY pearl bobby pins

Pearl Bobby Pins DIY ~ Upon The Waves

I love this Chanel inspired DIY! I’ve seen this done around the web, with pearl beads and wires, and I believe I’ve found an even faster and easier way. Seriously, this takes 30 seconds to make. A minute and 30 seconds, if you count the time it takes the glue gun to warm up.

You just need flatback half pearl embellishments, found in every craft store, bobby pins and a hot glue gun.

pearl bobby pins DIY ~ Upon The Waves

I discovered there’s an age-old debate on the internet regarding which side of the bobby pin faces down – the wavy one or the flat. I had the glue gun in hand when I paused, “wait a minute, which side faces outward?”. I tested both options on myself and came to the conclusion I wear them with the flat side facing down, and so I glued the pearl on the wavy side. I don’t want to tell you how to wear your bobby pins, that’s between you and your head (ha!), and apparently there are pros and cons for each method (I know, right?) so it’s up to you. Just grab your half pearl, and glue it to the edge of the pin with a drop of hot glue at its base. Let it dry and that’s it! So simple yet so beautiful and elegant.

DIY Pearl Bobby Pins ~ Upon The Waves

I also made some golden ones! I bought a gold nail polish and got a bit excited so I used it to color a few pearls, once I was done with this nails experiment with gold and mint:

Mint and Gold nail polish ~ Upon The Waves

Now that the shop stuff is all done and ready, I’m beginning to get my crafting groove back. I hope to accomplish a few more ideas before the new school year begins and I’ll only be posting about classes again. Watch this space and feel free to follow me on Pinterest or sign up for blog updates via email! All the links are down here at the bottom of the page.

Have a lovely day!


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