London Laser Cut

This is quite possibly the coolest thing I got to do this year:

london laser cut map

Our Illustrator class teacher decided that instead of just mailing her our final project we should get it laser cut.  We could design whatever we wanted to have cut and I chose to do a map (lifelong passion) of London (see previous remark). I’ve loved learning Illustrator (And Photoshop last semester), and so I tackled the laborious task of outlining the map with glee.

I was going to try and simplify an existing screenshot from Google Maps, but that didn’t come out clean enough so I built the paths from scratch based on the screenshot. It could, of course, be more specific and detail blocks (like my inspiration) but I had time and cost constraints. I love it like it is.

london laser cut detail

I got it from the laser cutting studio place like this, covered in tape, like a puzzle. I had to peel the tape off very gingerly (even though the cardboard is pretty sturdy) and let all the little pieces fall.

1 005

1 008

laser cut thames

I just love how it came out exactly like I saw it in my head. And laser cutting is just a gorgeous technology (albeit pricey). I feel like creating more things to get cut now, maybe try plastic or wood or fabric, and do intricate designs or typography or what have you. It’s just too cool!


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