The sorting hat

A friend compared the meeting I had yesterday to being sorted into Hogwarts houses.

Each of us first years had to bring selected works from classes we had this year to show the heads of the textile department, so they can decide whether we specialize in knit, print or weave in the next three years.

While it’s presented as ultimately their call, I think they take our wishes into account. This threw me into a tail-spin this last week, being torn between my old love (All things knitting) and my new one (Prints! Stencils! colors!).

We won’t know till next week. They were very nice and excited about everything I showed them, and while they said I could be in any of the three (yay!) they were so thrilled with my final knitting project, that I’m assessing it’s 80% Knit – 20% Print at this point. I showed absolutely no excitement about weaving (although I’ve seen amazing things done in weaving lately) so I don’t think they’ll send me there.

I guess I naturally lean towards knitting since, after years of hand knitting as a hobby, I feel like I understand what can be done with it, and I feel like I can read the structure of knitted items. I’m a complete novice when it comes to machine knitting but I’m anxious to learn. And I especially fantasize about computer aided design and knitting softwares. (I’m a geek).

I think knitting is considered related to fashion, and weaving to home interior design, and I really don’t know which field I prefer, but I take comfort in the fact that this won’t necessarily set the course for my future. I can take electives in all three, and I can find myself working in one of the other practices, or possibly combining different techniques.

Still, I’m very anxious to find out which is it. Anything but Slytherin…



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