What I did on break

A few weeks back, before the new Oh-My-God-Hectic semester began, I had a week and a bit to rest, completely free and with no chores, and I did a bit of crafting just for fun. You already saw the nightstand makeover, but I didn’t get half a breath to show you I also picked up cross stitching!

rose cross stitch

I never tried it before, but I figured it must be pretty easy to learn and I stumbled upon this chart which is lovely. It was easy but it took *forever*, just this small hoop. I measured it in Supernatural episodes, at that time I also discovered Supernatural and watched marathons of the show all night and day. So I know it took long because it took me a full season to finish the rose.

And then boredom led me to polka-dot my nails with the head of a pin:

polkadot nails

Fun times were had!


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