ציור 002The final presentation of the semester was today, drawing class. We had to bring in ten portraits, in any technique we choose. Most people went with charcoal or pencil, and I chose to use ink with a dry brush.

I feel like my strength is small detail drawings that are always too light (which is why I loved botanical drawing), and ink draws a more violent approach out of me. It’s also unforgiving as you can’t erase any lines, so most of these are so-so in quality, composition and proportions. I did more than ten and chose the best out of everything I had. I got many people to sit for me, wonderful and patient family members and friends. Sadly most of the portraits ended up not looking like them at all (I’m really not good at this.. and still kinda ‘green’ at drawing faces). Best ones were definitely the two portraits of my little brother, who sat perfectly still (once in front of the PlayStation and once with an Iphone…), those two are the ones that resemble reality most. Our instructor really liked this one:

ציור 010

So I’m not a great painter yet, but it was a fun exercise and I feel that I’ve improved along the way. And the technique is super fun, as long as you don’t accidentally let a drop of ink fall splat in the middle of your drawing, ask me how I know.

We also had to bring all we’ve done in the past semester in class, which was a nice reminder that from time to time I can actually produce decent drawings.

ציור 003

I hope to post about my other presentations as well, especially weaving as it was a lot of work and I liked the outcome. But now – exams. We have two written exams coming up, just up my alley after 3 years in university, finally some normal sit-down-and-cram, in PJ’s with coffee. Can’t believe I’m actually looking forward to it.


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