A taste of my final project for knitting class

I’ve been away for a long time, again. Things are getting really busy with final presentations starting next week. I posted this image today for my 365 blog (which is going really well, I love documenting these little day-to-day moments) and figured this was an excuse for a quick blog post.

The final assignment is extremely up for interpretation. We’re requested to make a receptacle within a receptacle out of non-conventional materials (eugh, I’m so tired of this word. Gimme fabrics and yarn! I’m all about the yarn!).

I came upon the idea of using film negatives completely by mistake one day. I was looking for “non conventional” stuff to knit with around the house and I found a pile of old negatives while looking for something else. The thought process went ‘hey.. this has holes in it.. I can knit around it!’.

While we’re not required to have any deep conceptual meaning behind our assignment apart from having an inspiration picture for the color palette choices, I love how much meaning the material inherently holds. I chose cassette tape to knit with for the same reason. Both contain memories, visual and auditory, both are out of use and have been replaced with newer technology, basically old information we can’t use anymore cast aside. I just knew that whatever shape I end up making it will make you think when you see it, which is really important to me and sort of missing from our current assignments. I also love the play with light, how you can look through it and see the original photos. I took the photo of the object on its side, so you can’t see that it has film all around it in various lengths and orientation, but it was placed like this so  it can be photographed with the light behind it illuminating the film.

I mentioned the choice of materials and the color palette needed to be derived from an inspiration picture.  It was obvious to me it had to be a photograph and not a painting, to match the photograph concept, and I wanted it to be in relation to my grandma, who taught me to knit. I asked my grandparents for any old photographs they might have with that ‘vintage-y’ sepia color, and they gave me this wonderful photo of my great grandmother and two friends:


Isn’t it just gorgeous?

So that’s it, not so short a post as I thought, turned out I had a lot to say about this :) I will probably post about all my final presentations of the semester, so expect more about this next week.



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