School things

I’ve not been around lately which I regret as I’ve grown to really like blogging here. I’ve basically just been doing a lot of homework. Nothing all that interesting of itself I had to come here to share, but here’s a brief overview so I don’t feel too sad about neglecting the blog.

We’ve had a model for the past few weeks in drawing class. Mostly working with charcoal and I HATE charcoal with a passion. But then this week we got to use ink, which I love, and a dry brush. For some reason, the assignment was to draw on a sheet covered with one A4 and then separate them, and fill in the blank rectangle and fill out the borders around the A4 with color. I’m showing it to you because I loved my initial drawing. I’m not so sure about the color, it’s my first time ever even touching color, and you can see I truly botched my proportions on both tries (and the poor face..), but I found it actually nice.


We have a class called “From 2-D to 3-D”, which is pretty conceptual work. I like it. The teacher is an artist, and we get to go for whatever we want under pretty loose instructions. We started from modeling an object from a drawn line and I made something spiky out of wire.  Next we had to create a surface (yep, it’s that vague) and I made this geometrical thing with lots of embroidery thread:

textile 006

And then I had to create a small artifact, and made this out of straws and acrylic paint. It came out looking like a minuature model of the emerald city :D

sh 033

And I made these textures out of leaves and sunflower, coriander and mustard seeds:


Finally, a few weeks back I went to see a few textile-related exhibitions in Tel Aviv, the best of which (at the Tel Aviv museum of art) featured works by Sandra Backlund, a Swedish fashion designer who does amazing things with knits. I took pictures!

sh 017

sh 006

Sandra Backlund


So that’s what’s been going on lately. Sorry to bombard you with all these non-related assignments. I plan to pace the posting and document more as we’re nearing the end of the semester – I can’t believe it, time just flies. Our works are supposed to get grander preparing for the final presentations and I hope I’ll have some interesting stuff to show.


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