Weaving workshop

For the sake of conceptual symmetry, and also because its OMGAWESOME and we just had it today, I took some pics (phone again – arrgh!) of the hand looms we got to work with today. It was SO much fun:

We only learnt the very basic workings of them and how to create a plain weave, I got to take home just the tiniest souvenir:

In the coming weeks we’ll get to actually work on them and make stuff, which is exciting. I love the mechanics behind weaved fabrics, it can get so intricate and so thoughtful and it’s really beautiful. I feel that by now I “understand” knits, I can look at knits and figure them out after years of knitting with all sorts of technique, but weaving is a brand new fascinating world. Woot!


One thought on “Weaving workshop

  1. That looks like FUN! Too bad I need to pick up another hobby like I need another hole in my head.
    I saw on the news that there’s a truce right now- I hope things are calming down for you! Take care!

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