Quick peek at the knitting workshop

Our knitting instructor took us on a short trip to the school’s knitting workshop and it was so awesome I had to share.

Just look at those shelves!

The knitting machines are really interesting, I’ve never seen one up close – sheer magic. Unfortunately we won’t get to knit with them this year.

I feel like I’m studying at Hogwarts! I’m so amazed this is school, full of yarn yumminess and knitting and art. I can’t understand now how I spent three years of my life in a school which was all textbooks and bio labs. Clearly, this is where I belong.

(All photos were taken with my phone, please forgive the quality.)


2 thoughts on “Quick peek at the knitting workshop

    • Not necessarily :( We need to choose one of the three practices – knitting, weaving and printing, at the end of the first year. If I go the knitting route I’ll get to use it for sure. If I go any other, I won’t :( But maybe they’ll let me have a go sometime.

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