More botanical drawing

As predicted, this is fast becoming my favorite course for the semester. I can’t begin to describe to you the calming effect it has and how wonderful it is that it’s the first class of the week.

In class this week I sat for more than an hour with my (super sweet) headphones, listening to music and drawing cherry tomatoes.

It’s not much but it was lots of fun and I felt like I could continue working on it for hours, just perfecting shade and the roundness of the tomatoes.

Then for homework, to work on linework, we were asked to choose a photograph of chinese embroidery and draw it, copying the stitches of thread with pencils so that a lot of overlapping and parallel lines create an image. Here is the photo I used and the drawing I made.

I’m quite pleased with it, even though it took me a lot more time than intended. The purpose of the exercise was lines and not so much colors, but I get so hung up on perfectly recreating the image I spent a lot of time matching colors so that it looks just like in the photo. It’s my ‘color inside the lines!’ personality, I just can’t help it.

I also really liked our drawing class this week. I might take a photo of the sketch I made during class and post it later.

I can’t believe another week went by so fast, already two weeks in. Here’s to another creative and challenging week!


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