Embellishing Ikea: DIY with Washi Tape

My mom and I made two trips to Ikea within a week a while back, working quickly to fill gaps in my new apartment before school began. While I love Ikea’s prices and that crisp clean minimalist look of their basics, my head was already full of ideas (and pin-board full of pins) for making the furniture we buy my own. I started reading up on how to paint laminate furniture but it’s a bit of a fuss and I’ve never done furniture painting in my life, so that’s a job for another day when life isn’t so hectic.

And then I came across a box of washi tape in my local art supplies store.

It was addiction love at first sight.

I decided to give my brand new Lack table a facelift. I used four washi tape rolls, two of every kind. Actually, I first bought only one of every kind, as photographed, but then I ran out towards the end… Don’t be me, buy more than you think you’ll need!

I taped long strips in alternating color, and used that long black strip of paper you see there as a guide for the spaces.

Clear tape at the underside keeps the ends from unsticking (the glue on the lighter tape is pretty weak).

I was thinking of coating the table, but I like the fact that I can change my mind and just take the strips off and replace them if I want to. So far it’s holding up very well. Believe it or not, I removed a few wine stains with a wet washcloth and they left not one mark.

That’s it! super easy, mega fun. I really recommend taping random things with washi and If you do, please show me. I need more washi ideas. And more washi tape!

So that’s the craft I’ve been working on, it took time with the beginning of school interrupting there in the middle. I have a few more Ikea ideas so if you’re into that sort of thing feel free to sign up via email or follow me on Pinterest to keep tabs, the links are here at the bottom of the page. It might take me a bit more time between posts now but I promise to keep it up, I’m loving this blog thing way too much to quit it.

Have a great week!


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