So, school began…

Okay, I’m sorry, this was not a short break at all. I really missed writing here but I had no time or means to blog. First there was the move, and all my materials and crafts were far from me for a long while until box by box it all arrived at the new place. Then came the start of the school year, which I’m immersed in right now.

The first week is halfway done. I’m still feeling like a confused freshman but it’s really exciting and challenging. We already have tons of home assignments in sketching, photoshop, weaving… It can get overwhelming.

One of the classes I’m most excited about, surprisingly I think, is botanical drawing. The teacher is an inspiring woman with a very rich and diverse background, who talked about her personal view on the topic in our first lesson in a way that got me hooked and excited for next week’s class already.

From the course book – Vilmorin: The Vegetable Garden. Just look at those incredible details.

Botanical drawing entails a lot of small detailed work, and she talked about us learning how to sit quietly to work for long periods of time, improving our patience and attention to detail. It sounds calming and fulfilling on a personal level to be able to do that for a few hours every week. We will be working by ourselves during the 3 hour class, each in their own corner. I find it a bonus that there won’t be any large canvases or splashes of color involved, large size and color frighten me, while pencil work and small details up close is something that’s right up my alley. For this class we will use only pencils and a stack of A4 sized paper. We need to bring a sprig of cherry tomatoes to class next week!

I also celebrated my birthday yesterday! I wasn’t really prepared for it, it just sort of happened in the midst of all the school frenzy.

This is what waited by the door when I got back from class:

SQUEE! Cupcake delivery! Courtesy of my awesome friend Bat.

Delicious mini cupcakes! The Oreo ones were divine

What you see there in the background is actually a craft project I have brewing which I’m *this* close to finishing and posting about here. I’m really quite fond of it, but it’s not finished yet and school and moving and all that stopped my progress. I expect to find the time to finish soon, so watch this space.

Once I get in the groove of school and studying and life around it I promise I’ll get back to posting regularly. I have plans for a lot of crafty projects and homework might get interesting soon, so please stick around! If you want to keep tabs you can follow me by email or RSS :)


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