Mission Accomplished

It’s taken me a while to post again since I’m moving (yay!). I haven’t had much time for doing anything, but I hope to get some home-crafting/room-prettifying done before school begins. I don’t have a lot of time, but I have a lot of ideas and an abundance of pins on my Pinterest inspiration board..

what I have achieved, though, is this:


Let me remind you how it looked before:

This is what I did instead of packing, while telling myself it is sort of like a form of packing, and that I want everything to be beautifully organized like this in the new place.

I wound all 300~ skeins (is it still skeins when it’s not yarn?) of floss by hand onto these bobbins, while marking color numbers both on the bobbins and on a printed DMC catalog. I used this chart to match Anchor floss with DMC shades.

It’s beautiful. I could just sit and look at it for hours on end. I’m oh so very grateful to Heather for sending me this joy.

I think you can expect a lot of embroidery in the future. But for now.. back to packing.


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