The scallop waist skirt

I made this super sweet skirt from Vivat Veritas last week.

Aren’t the shoes just awesome?

It took me a while. Well, it took me two tries. The pattern is well written and clear but I think it’s meant for people for whom this isn’t the first skirt project ever. Who tend to just go for stuff and wing it. Ahem.

Anyway, the second try was much better than the first. Things I learnt:

-Size up

-Make it longer (it’s really short!)

-Actually pin and check things before I go ahead and sew them.

-Two layers of interface are better than one.

-Clipping!! gah how could I forget to clip all the curves the first time around?

I did the zipper three times. I looked at numerous invisible zipper tutorials and went very slowly. And still, I totally missed the fact I wasn’t supposed to sew the top of the zipper on both sides of the waistband. After staring at the photos for ages I finally realized I was supposed to unfold them before sewing the zipper. Doh. I had to cut the seams and sew the zipper again. Next time I’ll be better. Still, it’s very cute! I’ll definitely make it again.

I also made a t-shirt from scrap fabric:

Probably should have ironed it before taking photos…

It cost like.. a dollar. It’s a gorgeous color, and the fabric’s very soft . My first time sewing with knits, so I bet I broke a dozen of sewing-with-knits rules.  But it was a short fun exercise at a shirt and it’s lovely and simple. It’s loosely based on this Dolman top tutorial from Merricks Art, in that there is a slight curve from the sleeves to the bottom, not a straight triangle though. I ended up without enough fabric for the armbands and for a short while contemplated a contrasting color for them, but for now the sleeves stay open and sort of bell shaped and it’s fine.

All photo credits belong to my awesome friend Bat, who made the excruciating and embarrassing task of posing super fun!


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