I’m excited and extremely nervous that October is here. Almost at the very end of it is my birthday (yay!) and a day before – I start Textile Design B.Des. studies in Shenkar.

It’s hard to believe. A year ago in October I was entertaining the thought of going this direction (and a year before that I was beginning yet another excruciating year in neuroscience.. go figure).

On October 11th last year I started a Design course, a prepping course for those who wish to work on portfolios and pass the entrance exams for schools, and work on techniques and such. I went because I wanted to see if I could do it, I wasn’t even sure which department I’d be interested in, if any. And I was really worried, as a person who’s never drawn anything properly in her life, that it wouldn’t be for me at all.

At some point something clicked about Textile (the knitting background helped) and I went into the exams, and then the interview that followed, thinking I don’t stand a chance in hell.

But. Here I am.

I worked very hard on my portfolio. The first stage was home assignments and the following stage was bringing my own portfolio to an interview. I wanted to give you a glimpse of the works I liked that were in the assignments, and maybe I’ll also post about my portfolio sometime in the future.

One of the home assignments was to choose an item of clothing from the ‘family closet’ and make something new out of it, while showing the transformation process in photos.

My grandmother gave me this dress of hers, which she bought in the 70’s in London when she and my grandpa lived there. My grandparents used to travel around the world a lot but they don’t do that much any more at their age, and so I created a travel bag out of the dress for her(which is why there are maps and a passport poking out in the photo) as an encouragement to travel.

I loved making it. It’s not functional in the least since I didn’t know how to sew at the time and the whole thing is glued with fabric glue. But I loved the old into new assignment, and using elements of the dress like the buttons and the belt.

I also had to find an environment that has interesting textures or patterns, bring in photographs and a drawing. I chose an area close to my neighborhood that not long ago was a hill, and now is a construction site for a new neighborhood.

Me, getting down and dirty

It was full of interesting clashes of man vs. nature

And this is the photo I chose to draw and the sketch I made. It took ages but I was pleased. I watched a lot of youtube videos on how to draw shrubbery..

(A better quality photo of the drawing is here)

I keep meaning to practice sketching again. It’s something I’ve never done, worked a lot on during the year, but then left completely since I got word I got into the school. What little confidence I built is completely lost and I have to work on it again. I have a month, but I keep getting distracted by knitting and sewing and things I feel I’m better at. Still, there are quite a few classes on the list that are going to focus on 2-dimension work. Better get into it and quiet the one of many many fears.

On unrelated news, today’s baking corner:


Super easy fudge brownies that turned out amazing, moist and delicious just like brownies should be. I Found the recipe through Pinterest (Of course) and pinned it because it seemed like one of those stuff-you’ve-got-in-the-kitchen-already recipes and I can always use those. I wasn’t disappointed.

Happy October!


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