Phinney sweater

phinney sweater

I finished Phinney, which I started about a year ago (…what? It was a very busy year!). I’m kinda proud how it predates the whole “Color Block” trend. I color-blocked before color-blocking was a thing! Ha!

I think the reason it took so long is that it was a very straight forward simple tv-watching knitting and so, not much of a challenge. The pattern is one of those classic patterns that for some reason contain back and front that are almost identical and then a lot of seaming, so I adapted it to knitting in the round. I also had to modify some things and practically just improvised on the fly a lot since my gauge was off. It took a few starts of “whatever, I’ll just go with… *random number of stitches*!” till I took out my notebook and started calculating and measuring for each section.

I’m pleased with how it came out and how it looks layered with a button down shirt.  And just in time for winter!

Photos are courtesy of my lovely friend Kesem. My apologies for the quality, it became dark way too soon. Also apologies for the model – I hate posing for pictures, I get all self conscious and embarrassed. But I decided it’s my duty as the blogger here to take pics of me wearing the things I blog about. Hopefully I’ll  get better at this and you’ll get less horrible photos of me next time :)


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