Gold and leather bracelet – DIY break

Between finishing a sweater and embarking on a sewing spree, I made these bracelets last night in five minutes!

I spotted the tutorial from “Honestly… WTF” on Pinterest and loved the stacked look and the gold/brown combination. It was only a matter of gathering the needed supplies then and I found the leather cord and gold tube beads in a bead shop, a detour from a fabric shop trip I took yesterday (and more on that real soon).

The gold beads are a little too large for the cord so they shuffle around and don’t stay in one place. I made two bracelets and on one I used pliers to smoosh them a bit. It worked well, but on some of the beads it shows a bit too much so on the second bracelet I just let them slide around. I really like the look, and I love how effortless it was. I’ll consider buying more cords in other colors and mix with gold and silver.
Now back to my sweater…


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