Crafty goodness – Sparkly Shoes

I wanted the first DIY post here to be about glitterifying shoes, probably my most favorite DIY to date:


There are quite a few tutorials around the net on how to do this, I did a mishmash of them and fell inlove with the results.

You will need:

– A pair of old shoes. Mine were worn yellow faux-leather shoes with spots of dirt that wouldn’t come off, as you can see in the top left picture.

– Fine glitter in the color of your choosing

– Mod-podge (I used the sparkle Mod-podge which added color to the gold glitter)

– Electric tape

– Several layers of newspaper to lay down so you don’t get glitter everywhere.

I chose gold glitter thinking it would go well with the yellow leather in case it peeks out, but the glitter covers everything well so I wouldn’t worry about matching the glitter color to the shoes.

I did the whole thing on the floor but even if you do it on a desk you should still have multiple layers of newspaper. I re-used the spilled glitter several times, and the fold of the paper made it very easy to gather and pour the glitter.

You need to cover the areas you don’t want glitter on. I chose to keep the dark brown heel and the soles glitter-free, so I had to cover them with electrical tape. This can be tricky around the curves and I might have done a better job if I weren’t so eager to get on to the glitter stage.. I stuffed the inside of the shoes with sandwich bags taped to the inside, which kept the insides clean of glitter once I was done.

Now on to the fun stage! Going one section at a time, I covered the shoes with mod-podge and poured loads of glitter straight over the glue covered area, shook a bit, used the fallen glitter over the next section, and so on. Shake everything well all the time, so you can re-use loose glitter and see where you missed spots.

After that part was done – and looked amazing, I went over the shoes with another coat of mod-podge mixed with more glitter. This is important. At first it can seem scary and sad to cover the shoes with white glue, but once it dries and turns transparent the glue adds a bit of colorful sparkle and more importantly seals all the glitter in so you don’t leave a trail wherever you go. You can be confident enough to run your hand over the shoes surface or beat them together and no glitter or shine will be lost – definite WIN.

Image(they look sorta floaty but there’s a dark brown heel there somewhere :))


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